Episode 9: Desk Tours

Reporting from their respective isolation-states, this is a new era free of beverages, structure, and physicality as we collectively enter: “BevMode Presents: BevMode Online”. The fellas talk quarantine, conduct the oft requested “Desk Tour”, and talk about gaming’s importance v. solitude.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFTVg64jB_Y&t=5s

BevMode Episode 4

The fellas sip on the Trader Joe’s Exclusive Artan Reserve red blend from the limestone coast in Australia. Over a glass they discuss the recurring themes of class warfare in this years Oscar nominations, the mystery of oceanic wines, the post-sneaker world being embraced by Raf Simons’ FW20 collection, and what the fuck a mulberry is.

Follow their journey through the world of the Trader Joe’s wine aisle.

The luxury of boredom.

Last spring I had the opportunity to go to Joshua Tree and it was phenomenal. I highly recommend it. The desert is a welcome change of scenery, especially when coming from the puget sound.

I find my mind wandering back to that trip often. There was something incredibly serene about being in the middle of nowhere. I crave that feeling of having nothing to do except walk around and look at the rocks and trees.

Last year I graduated college and in the time since I have felt my freedom slip away. Before I would have a Summer as an open canvas to scheme up trips, parties, and other shenanigans. Sure, I had to work some shifts slinging polos and khakis at Nordstrom but it was easy to get time off.

Now that I have a “nine to five” which is actually more like a nice to 5:30 (because apparently the lunch break is unpaid) I feel restricted. The flexibility of being a student has been replaced with the burden of being an adult. It’s hard to even make time to dream.

I think back to Joshua Tree, when I was optimistic. I could lie in the sun and daydream of how my life would turn out. What I would do post graduation. Now I think about if I will have enough energy to go run errands after work. If I will be able to afford a gym membership and developing photos.

The world used to seem so open. I used to be bored. I used to draw, and write, and read. But lately I’ve just been exhausted.